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NOTE: Part-time course offerings for 2019 are currently under review. Detailed course information for the 2019/20 intake will be updated soon. Applications will open in April 2019.


A full list of our 2018 programmes can be viewed here

A summary of programmes can be downloaded from here


Part-time courses allow you to combine full-time employment with education. You can maintain an income and work towards your educational objective at a pace that suits your particular circumstances. At TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus we have designed our part-time programmes in a way which accommodates the competing commitments of employment and education.

We have a wide range of Part time courses from Higher Certificate to Post Graduate level in Business, Accounting, Computing, Engineering, Early Childhood Care & Education and Horticulture.


Upcoming Open Days

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 5pm-7pm


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Please note that the number of participants on certain courses is limited. We recommend that you apply early in order to ensure a place on the course of your choice.


Our marketing team will be happy to give you information and advice in relation to all programmes before you start the course. Call us on 01 885 1530 or email us :




Application to Part-time Courses must be made online.

Step 1:  Apply for your course online. Please note an application deposit of €250 must be paid at the time of application by credit card or visa debit. If you do not make a payment at the time of application, your application will be deemed incomplete and will NOT be received by our Admissions Office. The €250 application deposit is non-refundable. It will only be refunded where an applicant was not allocated a place on a course or the course is cancelled.

Step 2: Provide transcripts where required to verify that you meet the minimum entry requirements. Check minimum entry requirements on for the course you are applying. Our Admission Office will only accept verified transcripts or statement of results containing a college logo or stamped by a college (please do not send originals). Academic transcripts showing all subjects taken and examination results obtained for each year of study and final award grade. Where transcripts are not in English, you must provide copy of original language documents and certified english translations of transcripts and award/certificates. These documents can be emailed to your Admissions contact person who will email you on receipt of your application or posted to:

The Admissions Office

TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus,

Blanchardstown Road North, Dublin 15

Step 3: The Admissions Office will then assess your application once it is deemed complete (ie. deposit and transcripts have been received).

Step 4: An offer or regret will be sent by email. If you receive a regret email you will receive a refund of your €250 deposit.

Step 5: Register and pay fees online on receipt of offer email and collect student card on the night your classes commence.


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Each course has specific minimum entry requirements and you must check the course information on the Institute website for the entry requirements for your chosen course Only applicants who provide evidence of meeting the minimum entry requirements will be admitted to the course. Applicants must provide a full transcript of results for each year of their previous course and a copy of the award, as per Step 2 above.


Qualifications Recognition

Applicants who have obtained a qualification outside the Republic of Ireland or the UK are advised to compare their foreign qualification against the Irish National Framework of Qualifications to verify the level of their award. Please visit for more information.

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Instruction for all courses is normally through English (excluding any language modules) and applicants who do not have Leaving Certificate English must provide evidence of equivalent competence through school leaving or matriculation examinations or achievements of a minimum standard in recognised tests of English as listed here.

Please submit a copy of these certificates at the time of application. In exceptional circumstances students may be admitted to courses without these formal certificates.

Where an applicant cannot provide certificates of results in school leaving exams equivalent to the Leaving Certificate or in the recognised tests listed on the previous page they must complete the International students – Assessment of English Language Competency Form and return it to the admissions office at the time of application.


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All applicants will be charged an application deposit of €250 by debit or credit card at the time of making an online application.

This deposit will be offset against the published course fee. The €250 deposit is Non-Refundable.

It will only be refunded in the case of an applicant not being allocated a place on the course or if the course is cancelled.

If you do not pay the application deposit, your application will be deemed incomplete and our Admissions Office will not receive your application.  


We reserve the right to cancel any course and/or amend courses, fees, regulations or timetables at any time.


Payment Options

In order to assist students in paying their fees, the following are the payment options:

Option 1

Full Payment: Prior to course commencement .
Option 2

Pay in two instalments: First Instalment of 50% due prior to course commencement and Final Instalment of 50% due before 31st January.

Option 3 If your employer is paying your fees please email with details of your Employers name, address and contact person who should receive the invoice before course commencement.


Non - Payment Penalties

1st Instalment - Non-compliance will result in loss of IT Facilities with effect from 12th October 2018

2nd Instalment - Non-compliance will result in loss of IT Facilities with effect from 1st February 2019

Examination Results will be withheld


Fees for Progressing Carrying modules

Normally students who are progressing carrying modules from a previous year are required to pay fees in respect of the modules they are carrying in addition to the published course fee. The fees are charged at €50 per credit (for example a student carrying a 5 credit module will pay an additional €250).



Fees for Repeating and Attending modules

Students who are repeating and attending a full/part year of study will be liable for fees. The fee will be calculated on a per credit amount of the full course fees. Students who are funded through Springboard or ICT are liable for repeat and attend fees.


Your credit / debit card information is encrypted and the Admissions office at ITB does not have access to your card details at any time. All fees quoted are set annually and subject to change for subsequent years of a course.


I am unemployed, can I get funding?

The Institute does not provide funding for any course and all our part-time courses are self-financing.  However the Institute has received funding in the past to run courses for people who are unemployed and will advertise clearly on the homepage of our website any funding initiatives, so please check this regularly.  You should also check the website for such initiatives and contact your local social welfare office for further advice.


Can I pay my fees in instalments?

Yes, see payment options 2 above.


If my employer has agreed to pay my course fees what do I need to do?

You must make an online application and pay the €250 application deposit. See payment option 3 on the information you need to submit.


Can I get a receipt for fees paid?

If you pay online you will receive an email acknowledging your online payment. An official receipt can be requested from our Fees and Grants Office after October 1st.  Email to request a receipt.


Can I get tax relief on my fees?

Students who pay their own fees are entitled to tax relief at the standard rate on tuition fees paid on courses leading to a third level qualification. Courses must be a minimum of 2 years duration.

You need to send a copy of the receipt for fees to your local revenue district along with your P60. A list of approved colleges/courses can be accessed on the revenue commissioner’s website

See list of local revenue offices

Are books included in the course price?

No.  Lecturers may suggest you purchase books while on the course and this is at the students expense. Please note the Institute has an extensive Library on campus in Block F and students may utilise this service provided that their fees are paid and they have a valid student card.

Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) students should contact the ATI directly for a booklist.



The €250 application deposit is non-refundable. It will only be refunded where an applicant was not allocated a place on a course or the course is cancelled.

  • Where a student officially withdraws from their course prior to 31st October - a full refund of course fees paid less the €250 application deposit.


  • Where a student officially withdraws from their course between 31st October and 31st January, the student is liable for half the course fee.  Therefore the student will only be entitled to a refund if they have paid more than half the course fee.


  • Where a student withdraws after 31st January no refund will be made.


Refunds are processed to the payee and card which was used to pay the fee.

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The closing date to apply is Thursday 6th September 2018.

Please note that the number of participants on certain courses is limited.

Places on all courses are allocated to qualifying candidates in order of receipt of completed applications therefore we recommend that you apply early in order to ensure a place on the course of your choice.


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How can I check the progress on my application?

You will receive an acknowledgement of your application at time of online application.

If you have submitted all supporting documentation for your application (i.e. application deposit of €250 and transcripts for each year of the course) please await a reply from the Institute.

The Institute will endeavour to inform you of their decision in relation to your completed application within 3 weeks of receipt of the application or within the week after the closing date of all applications.


How will I be informed of the outcome of my application?

You will receive an email confirming the decision in relation to your application.


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When do classes start and end?  What is the calendar for the year? When are the holidays?

The Academic Calendar for 2018/19 outlining start date, holidays, exam dates etc. will be available shortly at

Christmas and Easter holidays will be outlined on the Academic Calendar on the Institute website.

When will the course commence?

Classes for part-time courses will begin on the week commencing 24th September 2018 on the night your course is running.

Where can I get a timetable for my classes?

Classes will be delivered on the days/nights advertised on the Institute website and in the prospectus.

A detailed timetable for each module will only be available on the night of registration.

Where will the course take place?

All courses take place at TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus. You will receive an email regarding registration and where to go to on your first night.

Are exams held during the day or in the evening?

Exams are held during the day in January and May for all full-time and part-time students.

Can I get exemptions because of previous qualifications?

An application for exemptions will only be considered from a registered student.  Therefore you can only apply for exemptions once you have completed registration.  Please note you must apply for exemptions before 30th September and you must discuss your application with your course co-ordinator.

Do I need to register?

Yes, all students need to register online before the first night/day in college.  Your offer email will contain the registration link and your Student Number. 

What happens on the first night ?

You will meet the Admissions Office staff in Block A, room A60.  We will confirm your attendance on the course, take your photo, issue your student card and activate your computer account which is vital for all classes.


Do I need to bring anything on the first night?

Once you have been offered a place and have paid 50% of the course fee, you do not need to bring anything else to registration. The course usually begins on the same night as registration so students may want to bring a pen and paper.

Can someone else register for me?



If I cannot attend class during the first week, when can I complete registration?

You must contact the Admissions Office on the Monday of the week you wish to start classes to arrange a registration time.  We cannot cater for individual registration sessions so you will be given one further opportunity to attend registration.

Only registered students with a student card can attend classes and have access to computers.

I need confirmation from the institute that I am attending this course, where can I get a letter?

A letter confirming you are a registered student can be obtained from the

Student Information Desk (SID)   Block F in the Library once you have completed registration on the night your classes commence.  You will not be issued with a letter prior to registration.  You will only receive an offer email from the Institute prior to registration.

I have recently changed address; does the institute need my new address?

Yes.  You must inform the Admissions Office of your new address by email prior to registration.  If your address changes after you register with the Institute you must notify the Student Information Desk (SID) Block F in the Library and this will then be updated on our system.


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Where is the Admissions Office on campus and what are the opening times?

The Admissions Office is located in Block A, Room A60. 

It is open to the public Monday-Friday from 11.30am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 3.30pm.



Admissions Staff
Part Time Courses

BN306, BN422, BN409, BN509, BN530, BN535

BN528, BN529, BN525, BN526, BN527

BN030, BN406

BN003, BN026, H4037, BN033, BN709 (Accounting Technicians), BN903
BN742, BN701, BN303, BN403, BN310, BN311, BN420, BN418, BN315


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Confidentiality and Data Protection

  • The Institute undertakes to use its best endeavours to treat as confidential any information provided by individuals or others, subject to the Institute’s obligations under law.
  • The information requested and held by the institute is only such information as is required to determine eligibility for admission, for statistical purposes and for marketing by this institute only (e.g. you may receive information about future courses offered by the Institute). Your personal information will not be given to parties outside of the institute and will be treated in strict confidence, except when required by state organisations.



Please note that acceptance of fees is not a guarantee of a place on a course. For a course to commence, it is necessary to receive a minimum number of complete applications from eligible applicants. If this number is not reached, the Institute reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the course. Students may only attend classes for which they have applied, paid all fees in full and completed the registration process. It is important that the level and content of a course suits your needs and meets your expectations. In order to find out relevant information on course content, entry requirements, extent of extra work required outside class, assessment methods etc. you should study the specific course information for the course you're applying for on our website. We reserve the right to cancel any course and/or amend courses, fees, regulations or timetables at any time.