Interlibrary loans

Books and journal articles which are not available in the ITB Library may be obtained from external libraries in Ireland and the UK. Interlibrary loans are usually only available to students who are engaged in original research and must be approved by the relevant lecturer in advance. Students can request a maximum of 5 interlibrary loans per year; thereafter, interlibrary loans are charged at €14 each.

To request an interlibrary loan:
1. Start by ensuring that the material is not available at ITB: ITB Library Homepage
2. Contact your lecturer and ask them to email the library to approve the loan: click here or mail
3. Email the library will the full details of the loan: click here or mail
4. You will be notified, to your ITB email account, when the interlibrary loan is ready for collection. It will be kept at the Library Circulation Desk for 1 week only.

Staff and researchers: each School has been allocated 40 free ILLs per academic year. Once this allocation has been filled, ILLs will be charged at €14 each. Please contact the library if you have any questions about this.

ITB library operates in accordance with the COPYRIGHT AND RELATED RIGHTS ACT, 2000. ITB library reserves the right to refuse to fill a request if violation of copyright law is suspected. It is the responsibility of the requestor to comply with above named act. The requirements under copyright law permit only one article from any journal issue to be requested. All requests for journal articles or part works must be signed by the requestor.