About ITB Library

The mission of ITB Library is to provide a high quality information service, which meets the academic needs of all patrons of the Institute. Thus, we aim to acquire, organise and disseminate library materials which are current and relevent to the academic focus of the Institute. The library also aims to provide a space which is conducive to study and allows users to easily access all library materials in our collection.

Library Collection

We currently have over 24,000 hard copy books in our collection. We also provide access to a wealth of electronic resources online. All of the books physically held in the Library are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system and are therefore shelved in following way:

000 Computer Science
100 Philosophy & Psychology
200 Religion
300 Social Sciences/Economics
400 Languages
500 Natural Sciences & Mathematics
600 Technology/Management
700 The Arts/Design
800 Literature (Located on Level 1)
900 Geography & History (Located on Level 1)

Each book has a specific code attached to its spine which corresponds to the Dewey System. Also, every shelf has a sign on its end indicating its place in the Dewey system.

Books in our Library cater for all of the subjects currently taught at ITB, as well as other subject areas, such as English and Irish literature, travel, hobbies, biography and fiction. We also have a selection of eBooks which may be read online using your Library account credentials.

Audio-visual material

The Library holds a selection of language learning material on CD & Cassette (e.g. French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish etc). These may be borrowed for the short loan period of 1 week.
The Library also houses a collection of DVDs. These cover topics such as business, management, language learning and popular home-grown films, as well as international cinema. These may be borrowed for 1 week. The videos can also be viewed in the Library using the TV/Video unit located by the PCs on Level 1.
Headphones may be borrowed from the Issue Desk on presentation of a valid student ID card. Students may not view their own dvd's in the Library.

Reference material

The Reference section is located near the Circulation Desk on Level 1. Books from this section may not be taken out of the Library. In this area you will find maps and atlases of Dublin, Ireland, Europe and the World. Language dictionaries such as French, German, Spanish and Italian are located here, as are dictionaries of computing, marketing, music and electronics. Almanacs, directories and encyclopaedias, such as the Guinness Book of Records are also found here.

Journals & Periodicals

The Library Periodicals Collection includes print and electronic journals (also known as serials or magazines), as well as daily and weekly newspapers. The printed journal collection includes approximately 80 titles, which cover the range of subjects taught at ITB.
Periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title. Current issues are displayed on the front of the periodical stand, while back issues are stacked on the shelf immediately behind. Periodicals cannot be borrowed from the Library as they are for reference use only. They can be searched for on the Catalogue by entering the journal title.
We also provide access to full text journals via our online databases. The easiest way to access online Journals is to use the "One Search" tool on the Library home page.


The Library holds a good selection of daily and weekly newspapers which are shelved on the newspaper display stand. These are for reference only and cannot be taken out of the Library. Back issues of the newspapers are held for 3 months only and are shelved on Level 1 of the Library, near the Reference section.
Newspapers held are:

The Financial Times
The Guardian
The Irish Independent and Sunday Independent
The Irish Times
Sunday Business Post
Die Zeit

Articles from The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Independent can also be searched on the Infotrac database


The Library has a number of laptops which students may borrow for One-Day . In the interests of fairness, renewals are not permitted on laptops. However, if a laptop is borrowed on a Friday, students can hold onto them until the following Monday. They are wi-fi enabled and have Microsoft Office installed. Please Note: Overdue fines are charged at a rate of 10 euro's per day. Please see full details here


The Library has ten Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1" 16GB tablets for students to borrow. They can be borrowed for three hours only and renewed twice. They are for library use only and cannot be removed from the library. They are ITB wi-fi enabled and have Polaris installed which is compatible with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel, and several other apps. They also have USB connectors and SD card connecters. Please see the borrowing rules and regulations for tablets here.

Opening Hours

During term time the library opens:

9.15am to 8pm, Mon - Thurs

9.15am to 5pm, Friday

Note: The circulation desk closes 15 Minutes before Library closing time. Library PCs and Printers also shut down in advance of closing time. Outside of business hours, books may be returned to the book drop, beside the library entrance. Library Opening hours may be viewed on a day to day basis on the calender below:

Finding what you need

To check if the Library has the item you want, simply use the Library Catalogue or the "One Search" tool, both of which are linked on the Library homepage. "One Search" searches all of the books in our collection and also provides access to online resources. The Library catalogue will tell you if the book is in our collection and whether or not it is on loan. Both the catalogue and "One Search" can be accessed on the PCs in the Library, from any other college PC and from home.


If you wish to borrow books from the Library, you must bring the book and your ID card to the Issue Desk. You will not be allowed to borrow without your ID card. Most books, except those marked "Reference" and "Library Use Only", may be borrowed. Periodicals, Dissertations and Student Projects must only be used in the Library

There are different types of loans available:
  • Long Loans can be borrowed for: 2 weeks
  • Short Loans can be borrowed for: 1 week
  • Day Loans can be borrowed for: 1 day
  • Laptops may be borrowed for 1 day
  • Borrowing entitlements are as follows:

      Borrower Type  Number of Items  Loan Length
    Staff Full-Time Academic 20 90 days, 1 week, 1 day
    Part Time Academic 10 90 days, 1 week, 1 day
      Other 6 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day
    Full-time Undergraduate 6 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day
      Part-time Undergraduate 6 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day
      Postgraduate 10 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day (but may vary by individual course)

    There is a security system in operation in the Library, so before leaving please ensure that all books have been checked out properly at the Issue Desk.


    The Library has a self-service system whereby students may issue books to their own account, and also return books. It is located at the end of the Issue Desk on Level 1. User instructions are given on the touch-screen, or feel free to ask a member of the Library staff to demonstrate. A useful video guide can be seen here:


    Fines are charged for any items that are overdue, they are as follows:
    Long loans (2 weeks) - 40c per day
    Short loans (1 week) - 70c per day
    Day loans - 1 euro per day
    Laptops - 10 euro's per day
    Fines may be paid at the Library desk (in Cash) or you may pay online using your debit or credit card.
    Weekends are not counted when calculating overdue fines.


    Books may be renewed up to 5 times, provided you have no books overdue and no other person has requested them. You may do this by logging into your library account, on or off campus. To log in, please use your ITB Student Number/Staff Number and your network password


    Students may wish to borrow books that are already out on loan. A request can be placed on these books so that they are held for the student on their return. Only items which are on loan may be requested. You can do this by doing the following 1. Search for the book in the Library catalogue 2. Press the "Place Hold" button on the item you wish to reserve 3. Log in to your Library Account using your Student/Staff Number and Network Password. As soon as the book becomes available, borrowers are notified by email. The book is held behind the Issue Desk for 5 days only. A maximum of 5 reservations per person is allowed at any one time. Please note that reserves cannot be placed on books that are not on loan.

    Access to other Libraries

    Did you know you can now visit any DIT campus Library or ITT (Tallaght) Library with your ITB student or staff card?

    On production of your ITB student or staff card, you may visit any of these libraries and use their print materials for reference purposes. No letter of introduction is required. While you are there, you may also access ITB Library's online databases using Eduroam on your own mobile device, laptop, mobile phone etc. Some terms and conditions apply! Books may not be borrowed and the Library may refuse admission during busy times, for example during exams.

    Staff/students can also gain access to other Institute of Technology libraries (Partner libraries), excluding DIT, by obtaining a reader card from the Library Circulation Desk. This is for reference purposes only. Staff/students may also be granted access to other college libraries if the information they require is not available through the Library in ITB. This access is for one specific day and for reference purposes only. Requests must be made in person to the Librarian, whereupon a letter of introduction may be given. This letter must be presented to the librarian in the other college library.

    Alumni Borrowing

    ITB Alumni have reading rights (reference only) to the Institute Library at no charge. There is a charge of 80 euro per annum for borrowing rights. Graduates who wish to use the Library will need to download and complete the following form, and return it to the Library with any payments. Please download the form here

    External Readers

    A limited number of external users are permitted to become Library members. Membership is granted at the discretion of the Librarian, and is for a 3 month period. There is a charge for this service: 10 euros for a reference card (no borrowing rights), or 30 euro's for a borrower's card. Please download the application form for external readership here. Please download more information here.

    Library Rules

    It is stated in the Student Charter that each student in the Institute will be treated as an adult and, as such, are expected to behave in a responsible adult manner, respecting the rights of others. This is further emphasised in the Appropriate Behaviour Charter. This, of course, also applies in the Library and the following regulations aim to ensure that the Library is a comfortable environment for all, which is conducive to study.

    1. You must hold a current Institute staff/student ID card to enter the Library, use the facilities and to borrow Library materials. This card must be produced if requested by a member of Library staff.

    2. There are designated group study, quiet study and silent study areas in the Library. Noise levels are self-monitoring e.g. if a user is talking in the silent study area, then it is up to the users who have been disturbed to ask that user to move to a group study area. Anyone who continues to disturb others can be asked to leave the Library.

    3.There must be no eating or drinking (apart from water in pull-up top bottles) in the Library.

    4. Talking on mobile phones, or phones ringing in the Library, is strictly forbidden. They must be set to silent mode. There is an on-the-spot fine of €5 if a mobile rings or if a student is talking on their mobile.

    5. If you wish to borrow from the Library you must bring the item and your ID card to the Issue Desk, or use the self-service system. The self-service system can also be used to return books. There is a security system in operation in the Library, so before leaving, ensure that all items have been checked out properly, otherwise a fine of €5 will be imposed.

    6. Users have full responsibility for all Library materials borrowed on their ID card.

    7. An item must be returned immediately if recalled by the Librarian. Failure to return Library materials

    will initially result in a fine, then suspension of borrowing rights and the replacement cost of the materials being incurred by the user.

    8. Theft or the defacing of Library property is a serious offence and will be dealt with in the strictest possible manner.

    9. Study places may not be reserved in the Library.

    10. External users of the Library must first consult with the Librarian for details of membership.

    11. It is most important to comply with Copyright regulations. Please observe notices at all photocopiers.

    12. Internet access is available to all students of the Institute, however anyone found to be abusing this facility e.g. accessing inappropriate sites, will have their access denied.

    NB. All e-mail correspondence from the Library is to student e-mail accounts (e.g. There is no correspondence to any other e-mail address. It is students' responsibility to check their student e-mail regularly. Library users who breach any of the above regulations will be liable to a withdrawal of services and other disciplinary measures.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many books can I borrow?
    Full time and part time students may borrow up to 6 books at any one time. Postgraduate students may borrow up to 10.
  • Can books be renewed?
    Books may be renewed as often as you like, provided nobody else has reserved them and they are not overdue. Books may be renewed at the Circuation Desk, or you can do so by logging into your own Library Account
  • If the Library does not have the book you want, can it be got elsewhere?
    Yes. Ask at the Circulation Desk about an Inter-Library Loan or email for info.
  • What are the fines for overdue items?
  • Long Loans (2 weeks) - 40c per day.
  • Short Loans (1 week) - 70c per day.
  • Day Loans - €1 per day.
  • **Weekends are not included when calculating library fines.**
  • What are the fines for overdue laptops?
    If overdue, laptops are charged at €10 per day, or part of a day.
  • Where can I do photocopying?
    There are two student photocopiers in the Library. Students can top up their credit using a credit or debit card. Please see the information sheet at the Student Information Desk or top up here. Full instructions on their use is posted on the walls above the copiers.
  • Where can I do printing?
    There are three student printers in the Library, one of which prints in colour. Students can top up their credit using a credit or debit card. Please see the information sheet at the Student Information Desk or top up here. Full instructions on their use is posted on the walls above the printers.
  • Can DVDs be borrowed?
    Yes, some can be borrowed for a week, some for 1 day. They may also be viewed in the Library. Headphones may be borrowed from the Issue Desk. Students may not bring their own videos and DVDs for viewing in the Library.
  • Can ITB Academic Staff order books?
    Yes, please download and complete this form and return it to the Institute Librarian.
  • Can you help me with my assignment?
    The library can help you with regard referencing and finding the information you need. We cannot, however, assist in the actual completion of the work. If you need assistance, please contact the library for an appointment
  • Printing & Photocopying

    The Library has three multi-function stations (Kopikat 1, Kopikat 2 and Kopikat 3). Kopikat 1 serves as a black and white printer and photocopier. Kopikat 2 and Kopikat 3 both print and photocopy in black & white and in colour. It is also possible to scan documentation to your student email account on both machines.

    To print and photocopy, students must top up their print credit using a credit or debit card. Full instructions about how to print can be found here. Instructions on how to use print stations are located on the wall beside each machine. Colour printing costs 18c per A4 sheet; black and white printing costs 6c per A4 sheet. Note: Printers/Photocopiers are powered off 15 mins before closing time.

    IMPORTANT: All published works are subject to the Copyright & Related Rights Act, 2000. Under this legislation, certain conditions apply when copying published works. Please consult the copyright notices on display near each photocopier.

    The Library has 40 PCs which students may use for 2 hour periods. PCs 1 to 12 are located in the group study area; PCs 13 to 40 are located in the quiet study area. If required, PCs may be booked in advance for a maximum of two hours. Students are advised to book a PC in advance during busy times. Please note that PCs will shut down ten minutes before closing time. Students are advised to save their work regularly.