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Why choose TU Dublin?


Deciding on that next step in your education is a huge and exciting challenge. There are many factors, both personal and academic, that have to be taken into account

Our web site will help you narrow down all these choices, and find a course of study at TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus that best suits you. It contains course information as well as details about the type of career and work available to graduates. It contains details about the financial implications of third-level study, and what financial aid is available. This web site also gives you an idea about what is available for students here at TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus in terms of facilities, services and social life.

As well as using the web site for information about your next step in education, talk to other people about their experiences at third level education. Consult your guidance counsellor or teachers, chat to your friends, family or acquaintances. The more details you have, the better informed your decisions can be.

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the ongoing prosperity and economic development of a region which is now the fastest growing population centre in the country. An essential part of that mission is the provision of education programmes which enhance educational opportunity and allows people to acquire the knowledge and skills to advance in their working lives.

We support all learners across a wide spectrum of educational attainment. TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus offers programmes to graduates wanting to upgrade their skill sets as well as those looking for a second chance at third level education, to mature full-time students as well as part-time learners and school leavers who are embarking on the start of their careers.

We're also available to help – please contact the Marketing Team (Tel: (01) 885 1530, e-mail: if you have any queries on any aspect of life at TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus.

Open Days / Evenings

Throughout the academic year, we host a number of open days to which prospective students, parents, relatives and friends are welcome to attend to discuss courses in more detail, meet lecturing staff and view the campus.

We believe in our vision and our values. If they strike a chord with you, maybe TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus is the place for you!

Shared Vision

"We believe in the capacity of people to develop their potential through education and training. We will provide this education and training in a way that is innovative, responsive and holistic. We will be at the forefront of developments in third-level education, industry and organisational effectiveness. We seek a diverse community of students and staff and we will provide the support needed for each person’s full participation."

Shared Values


We acknowledge the diversity of people involved in our work. We respect the different role played by each person. We listen with patience and understanding. We work to build genuine relationships founded on acceptance and trust.


We aim to enjoy our work and derive fulfillment from it. We value positive attitudes throughout our workplace.


We strive for excellence in the provision of internal and external services, courses and programmes.


We will celebrate our achievements.

What our students say...

" I chose this course of study because I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to work as, but I knew that I loved sports and if I could get a job working in a sporting field that I would love my work.  The course covers a broad range of subjects which gives you an insight into the entire sports industry. Practically it will give you the basic knowledge of how to coach young children, how to train elite level athletes, how to work in a gym environment- personal training. This course serves as a way of steering students into the direction they want to go within the sports industry upon graduation. I have really enjoyed the practical experience gained on the course."
Rebecca Hanratty
Sports Management and Coaching Graduate

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