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Applied Social Studies



Applied Social Studies helps you create change for others by developing yourself. On this course, students learn how to help others through learning about themselves. This course helps you help others to plan for a positive future.


Social Care graduates can practice as social care workers in a variety of work places, including residential and day services for children and the elderly; people who are marginalized and disadvantaged and those with disability. Social care workers often progress with experience towards management and teaching roles.



Open-minded, pragmatic people who are interested in enabling change through support, advocacy and guidance.



For the duration of their course at ITB, students will study a wide and interesting variety of subjects across social care practice, psychology, sociology, and creative studies along with other subjects related to social care such as law, group working, health studies and inter cultural studies.

While on campus students can avail of our specially adapted social care training rooms where role-plays and interactive learning take place.

All students attend prearranged placements in a social care setting enabling them to apply their academic knowledge to a working environment while developing their skills as a competent and innovative social care worker.

In ITB many of our team of lecturers have years of frontline experience as social care workers. In addition our lecturers in psychology and sociology are highly qualified in their discipline.


Garda Vetting Requirements

As part of the course content, each student is required to successfully complete work placements in Year 2 and Year 3 of the Social Care course. In order to commence work placement, each student must undergo the ITB Garda vetting process. To ensure the protection of the public, and to justify public trust and confidence, the Institute is committed to ensuring that only suitable candidates are allowed to undertake specific parts of the programmes. Without satisfactory Garda clearance, students will be unable to complete the work placement and thus will not be able to complete the programme or receive an award. All places on the social care course are provisional and subject to the student obtaining satisfactory Garda vetting from the Central Garda Vetting Unit.  The current legal minimum age for application for sole application for Garda vetting is 18 years of age.  In the event of an applicant being between 16 and 18 years of age, written consent is also required from a parent or guardian.

In addition to Garda vetting a medical assessment and provision of personal references may be required in regard to suitability for placement


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What our students say...

Laura Davis

"Coming back as a mature student to ITB gave me the opportunity to pursue my future career and dreams of working in the Applied Social Care area. There are a wide variety of modules, work placement being one of them. This is the best way of experiencing hands-on social care work. I'm really enjoying my time here. I've gained a lot returning to full time education and my life has changed in ways I didn't think possible."
Laura Davis,
Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Studies

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