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Years 2 - 4 Full Time

           Years 2 - 4 Registration Checklist & Schedule





Pay your fees / Submit SUSI Grant Reference

Click here for payment / grant instructions before doing your online registration


Register Online before coming to college

To Register Online Click here


I had August Exams

Attend class and refer to Table C below.


Student ID Card

The student card issued to you was for the duration of your course. However, if you are commencing a new course (i.e. add-on course or  have transferred course) you must call to Block A Room A60 at 11.30-12.30 or 2.30-3.30 Monday to Friday to be issued with a new card. There will be no fee charged.                                                                                        If you have lost your card and require a replacement  there is a €10 fee and it must be requested online at


Letter confirming registration / Forms to be stamped

SID (Student Information Desk) in Library will provide letters and stamp forms when online registration is complete.

If waiting for Autumn results, there will be a delay in getting a letter/form stamped.


Parking / Shuttle Bus / Location

For campus parking Click Here

For Shuttle Bus service Click Here

For campus location Click Here


Student Handbook

A student handbook will be available from September. It is a requirement that all students familarise themselves with the contents of the handbook. It contains useful information on college policies, fees, exams etc. It is a great reference tool for your time with us here in TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus


Data Collection Notice

Data Collection Notice 2019

  TABLE C - Registration Information for students who had Autumn Exams


Did you pass all your exams (i.e. 60 credits and a GPA of 2)?


Action to be taken by Student

Yes Attend classes for the next year of your course.
Register online from Friday 21st September 2018.



No, but I wish to apply to progress to the next year of my course carrying module(s). If you meet the criteria to progress carrying module(s) attend classes for the next year of your course pending approval.

1) Check you meet the criteria (i.e. 50 credits and a GPA of 1.66)

2) Apply Online to Progress Carrying a Module/s

Link will be available in September


3) Monitor your student email account for update to your application

No, but I wish to apply to Repeat and Attend modules
Attend classes for your repeat modules pending approval.

1) Print off your Exam Results

2 Fill out a Repeat & Attend form and get signed by your co-ordinator. Click Here for form

3) Monitor your student email account for update to your application


There are additional fees for students who are progressing carrying modules or repeating and attending.  These fees are not covered by a grant. For more information Click Here