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Timetable E-Portal

Staff and students of TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus can access their course timetable information from the link at the bottom of this page. This new portal has been tailored to provide an additional feature for those who want to find a 'free' laboratory or room to access PCs or other resources.

ITimetable E-Portal – How to find if a room is free
Staff and students can now query the timetable to find a 'free' laboratory or room to access PCs or other resources. You cannot book a room using this system but it will give you a list of the available rooms for a given time. Select What rooms are free from the Red Menu on the Left Hand Side of the window. For full instructions click here.

Important Class Group Information

An application bug pertaining to Class Group information has been identified on the system and efforts to affect a fix are continuing. In the meantime, students may access "Class Group" information by left clicking the course year information in their timetable grid. This information is normally displayed on the third row of the session information. After a short interval of approximately 3 seconds the class group information is displayed as per the screen shot below: 


How to Logon

Students may logon to the portal using their student ID number. No password is required, just enter your student ID number and select the "LOGON" button. After a short interval the time table for the current week is displayed. Select the LOGIN button below to access the portal entry page.