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TU Dublin is a globally engaged, comprehensive, research-informed university. It hosts a thriving research community engaged in applying innovation and technology to solve the most pressing challenges facing business, industry, and society in a dynamic environment. Our vision is to be a leader in targeted research areas and make ground-breaking contributions to the ever-changing needs of the world’s society and the economy.

We have an excellent record of accomplishment in the pursuit of research excellence that has, and continues to shape the world we live in, and informs best practice in a broad range of activities including education, training, creativity, and the pursuit of ground-breaking developments for the benefit of all kinds of Industry, Enterprise, and the Community.

Our research is underpinned by an applied focus, which is enshrined in our mission as a Technological University, always keeping in mind the value and benefits of our outputs at regional, national, and international levels. We continue to build on our research strengths in key thematic areas delivering quality research and graduating research students of the highest calibre.

TU Dublin is committed to ensuring the highest standard of integrity in all aspects of our research and has endorsed the National Policy Statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland. Similarly, we have committed to the National Open Access and Plan S, in order that our research outputs are as freely available as possible. Moreover, as a new kind of university in Ireland, making our research freely available promotes the university and the researchers working within it.