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International Students

Why Study with us?

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How to Apply ?

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If you are a Non-EU student read on to find out about studying in ITB

ITB is a state-sector college which is funded directly by the Irish government. As one of the newest Higher Education Institutions in Ireland, ITB has excellent facilities and provides a wide range of courses, which lead to internationally recognised awards. ITB offers a caring environment with personal access to its highly qualified staff.

All courses are accredited by ITB with authority delegated by HETAC (Higher Education and Training Awards Council) and are recognised internationally.

At ITB, we realise that some of the most important decisions we make in our lives are those to do with education. Education is part of a bigger picture, and everyone's experience and expectations of education are different. The changes to society and employment caused by technology mean that we need to have flexibility, adaptability and a positive attitude to change.

ITB has responded to these changes by creating a suitably dynamic, innovative and flexible learning environment. Education opportunities at ITB cover a broad spectrum – languages, business, sports management and coaching, computing, creative digital media, engineering, horticulture and social studies.

What all courses have in common is that they all aim to produce graduates to meet the human resource requirements of leading-edge, high-technology industries. If you're looking to take the next step in your education and to meet the challenges and opportunities it brings, and opportunities it brings, then we think you'll find what you're looking for at ITB.

Tell me about Blanchardstown?

The Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) is located in Dublin. Blanchardstown is an industrial and commercial hub with large concentrations of retail, pharmaceutical, IT, distribution and service companies as well as impressive retail outlets, restaurants, cinema, theatre and other leisure facilities. The campus has car parking facilities and is served by a number of bus routes.

Much of the industrial and commercial land in the area has been developed over the past decade for high technology industries. The area’s strategic location in relation to the national road network as well as its close proximity to both Dublin airport and the city centre has made it an area of choice for established and developing industries.

The Blanchardstown Centre, Ireland’s largest retail centre, continues to expand and attract further retail development into the area, while the ITB has provided a highly regarded third level education resource in the area with critical links to local business.

Now recognised as one of the key industrial, commercial and retail locations in Ireland, the Greater Blanchardstown area is host to many large multinational companies from the IT and Pharmaceutical sectors. These include such highly regarded industry leaders as IBM, PayPal, Xerox, Creative Labs, Symantec, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Astellas Ireland and Helsinn Chemicals.

Today there are over 1,500 employers – ranging from multi-nationals to SMEs - who have made Blanchardstown their location of choice and have prospered from that decision.


How to Apply ?

Download our International Student Application Form

If you would like further information on our courses or the application procedures please mail



Student Services and Facilities

ITB provides comprehensive services to its students including a medical centre, counselling services and a Student Services and Careers Officer and the opportunities to engage in clubs and societies.

Since the first sporting club was founded in 1999, ITB has tried to facilitate sporting preference’s that our students may have, we also believe in trying something new, college should be a life altering experience in which you try new things, take up new hobbies and meet new people. Sport is not just about competing; it is about enjoying playing sport. In ITB, we encourage people reach their potential whatever that level may be. Our aim is to facilitate any student who wishes to take part in any sporting activity while they are studying in ITB.

As a new Institute, ITB offers state of the art facilities including library, laboratory and lecture theatres.

International Students – English Language Requirement

Instruction for all courses at ITB is normally through English (excluding any language modules) and applicants who do not have Leaving Certificate English must provide evidence of equivalent competence through school leaving or matriculation examinations or achievements of a minimum standard in recognised tests of English as listed below :

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programmes
TOEFL Computer
PTE - Pearson Test of English Academic
51 ( min 46 in each component)

Students admitted to ITB whose mother tongue is not English are responsible for bringing their competence in English to an appropriate level if necessary. The Student Services Office has a list of locally available English language courses and ITB Library material that may assist students in this regard.

What our students say...

"I was studying Commerce in Nepal and I wanted to continue on the same course. I was applying to agents and they told me that Ireland is good, that there's a good lifestyle here and the people are very friendly. College is very nice, lecturers are very good, friendly and co-operative . I use moodle too, sometimes if i can't come in I use it to study at home instead."

Mingmar Sherpa,
Higher Certificate in Business (International Student)

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