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Course Details

Digital Creator

Course code: TBC  
Duration: 24 Nights
NFQ level: 4
Fee:    €600 or free* for unemployed
Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday commencing week of 21st Febraury 2011
Award title: Digital Creator Award
Credits for Full Award: -- @ NFQ Level 4
Awarding Body: British Computer Society  


The Digital Creator Programme is a creative and interactive way to learn about the techniques and technologies involved in manipulating these kinds of media.  This course will form a good foundation for those who wish to change career direction and move towards the digital media industry.

Target Audience

This is targeted at those who want to know how to use digital media in the workplace and how to use digital media tools. Those wishing to look for employment using digital media should consider this as a foundation course.

Course Content

Digital Creator is structured into 5 Creative and 3 Sharing units. The units cover certain generic concepts, including the requirements of digital hardware and software and the importance of different output media for digital media devices. They also cover issues of copyright, intellectual property, and health and safety considerations.

Each unit consists of 6 lessons which each last 2 hours.

A. Creative Units

    Unit A: Digital Audio
    Understanding digital audio concepts and how they affect what the end user hears.

    Unit B: Digital Still Images
    Understanding, capturing and manipulating still images.

    Unit C: Moving Image Language
    Understanding the language that film makers use to communicate.

    Unit D: Digital Video
    Capturing and manipulating digital video.

    Unit E: Storytelling with Animation
    Working with digital animation in its different forms.

B. Sharing Units
Sharing one's work is the essence of creativity. These three units show candidates how to format and organise their digital work so that it can be shared using optical media, digital presentations and the internet.

    Unit F: Sharing with Optical Media
    This unit provides learners with a basic understanding of technologies such as DVD.

    Unit G: Sharing on the Internet
    Candidates learn how to make their digital media projects available over the Internet.

    Unit H: Sharing using Multimedia Presentations
    This unit is designed to ensure that the candidate understands the basic concepts for making a presentation using digital media for different audiences.


How to Apply ?

Application for this course can be made in two ways:

  1. If you are unemployed and have been in receipt of unemployment payment for at least three months in a row before joining the programme please complete this application form. ( Time spent on training or education programmes will count towards this three-month period.)  Click here for further information on the BTEA. Please note that eligibility for a programme does not automatically entitle you to the Back to Education Allowance. Normal qualification criteria apply for the Back to Education Allowance.
  2. For all other applicants please complete this application form.

Closing Date for receipt of applications is Friday 21st January 2011 at 4pm.

For further information contact the marketing team on 01 885 1000 or e-mail:

What our students say...

Monika Karaliunaite

"Basically the course covers everything to do with digital and online media. I had it as a hobby in sixth year but when I came here I learned so much more."

Monika Karaliunaite,
Creative Digital Media Student

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