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Modern computing covers a wide area of related and interconnecting technologies, skills and disciplines from understanding the architecture of modern computer systems and building them, to systems analysis, computational intelligence, artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


Computing is a hugely vibrant, fast changing, exciting and interesting area in which to study, work and play.


Sociable, progressive, naturally curious types who enjoy the company of like-minded people, like technical topics and love problem-solving, games and fun.


Because we’re located in the heart of “Ireland’s Silicon Valley”, there’s no better place to prepare yourself for a future in computing. We have state of the art computer, network and digital forensic labs. The courses mix both theory based and practical hands-on subjects designed to equip you with practical computer build and maintenance skills; advanced technical, design and programming skills; and the communication and entrepreneurial skills you’ll need to build a rewarding career in this dynamic, exciting and crucial industry.

Computing students can receive dual accreditation for industry certified programmes such as VMware, CompTIA, Cisco, SAS and Citrix as part of their computing programmes.


Computing Overview

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Perfect for sociable, progressive, naturally curious types who enjoy the company of like-minded people, enjoy technical topics and love problem-solving, games and fun. The aim of this course is to produce computing graduates with the skills, knowledge and competencies in telecommunications and networks, software engineering , multimedia and cloud computing.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include areas like software engineering, interactive multimedia, internet design and development, network design and management, broadband communications and distributed systems and mobile application development for iOS and Android..


Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Overview

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Aimed at anyone who likes to question accepted approaches to cyber security and thinks about how a network intruder or hacker would behave. This degree is designed to provide you with an all round perspective on information security risk and project management.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are in high demand from all parts of the Information Technology sector as security is one of the fastest growing parts of the industry.


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What our students say...

"I’m glad I enrolled, the course is challenging and covers a lot, but it’s structured in a way that allows you to approach it one step at a time. Learning how to develop software is my favourite thing about the course. At the beginning, I thought that being exceptional at maths would have been necessary to develop software which I was worried about. There is an element of maths, but writing code is more about being able to solve problems and think things through. The third year project that I was a part of was fortunate enough to receive funding to improve our software project over the summer, this was a huge highlight for me."                                              

Daire Homan

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