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Course Details

Certificate in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Course code: BN718

Entry Route into programme:

  • Level 7 ordinary degree or equivalent or relevant industry experience.
Duration: 12 weeks per module (3 modules in total)
NFQ level: 8
Fee: €1,075
Schedule: Monday 6pm - 10pm
Award title: Certificate in Computer- Aided Design and Manufacturing
Credits for Full Award: 15 @ NFQ Level 8
Awarding Body: ITB Note: This course is not being offered in the academic year starting Sept 2014.

Note :

This course is not being offered in the academic year starting Sept 2014.

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Minimum Entry Requirements

Participants on the course would be expected to be holders of a relevant level 7, ordinary degree or equivalent, or have relevant industry experience.

Course Aims

3D Computer Aided Design Packages have become the bedrock of most mechanical design activities.

The candidates will be trained using SolidWorks CAD software. 3D-CADCAM is a course for students and professionals who wish to acquire a comprehensive advanced 3D-CAD or CAM skills, and a recognised qualification that
can provide the basis for professional development in a mechanical design
related field.

No previous 2D CAD experience is required although it would be an advantage.



The need for an award of this type and in this area, have been identified by the National Skills bulletin 2009 which identifies a shortage of Design and Development Engineers within Ireland. The structure and content of the 3D-CADCAM course is aimed at addressing this specific need. The programme has been designed in to
provide graduates already holding Ordinary Degree (level 7) and Honours
Degree (level 8) in related disciplines with new skills in 3D Computer Aided Design
and Manufacturing, as required by the industry.


Course Content

The 3D-CADCAM course aims to provide candidates with comprehensive 3D-CAD
skills, as well as a detailed understanding of the main steps and design activities
involved in the mechanical design process.

The course consists of 3 modules:

  • 3D Computer Aided Design
  • Advanced 3D Computer Aided Design and Analysis
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing


In order to receive the 3D-Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (3D-CADCAM) Certificate a student must successfully complete all modules.

Upon successful completion of the course the candidate shall be able to:

  • Build complex 3D solid models and engineering drawings of mechanical objects
  • Understand top-down modular assembly design and large assembly management
  • Utilise freeform surfacing to produce complex geometry parts
  • Perform finite element analysis (FEA) of mechanical components
  • Create computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing operations
  • Create CNC milling sequences
  • Post Process 3D-CAD data and transfer it to CNC milling centres.

Course Delivery

The course will be delivered as a series of three modules. It is intended that the
first module will be 12 weeks long, with 4 hours each week.

Assessment of the candidates is performed on a continual basis. There is
no final exam for this module. Candidates are marked on a continuous assessment
basis as well as having to complete several projects and assignments throughout the duration of the course.


How to Apply ?

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