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Mature Students

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The Institute welcomes applications from mature students and a number of places on each course are reserved for such applicants.

Mature applicants are those who are over 23 years of age on 1st January of the year of entry.

Applicants in this category may be accepted on a course without meeting the formal minimum entry requirements if ITB is satisfied that they have the basic ability and academic foundation to follow the course and to take the examinations successfully.

Mature applicants seeking a place on a full-time ITB course must apply through the CAO and are advised to do so by February 1st. As the number of applications for consideration as mature applicants is increasing, it is necessary to rank applicants for available places.

Mature applicants will be required to demonstrate that they meet the eligibility requirements for third level education via :

Option 1 - Assessment of Suitability by ITB


Option 2  - Leaving Certificate examination results or QQI-FET (formerly FETAC) Level 5 or 6 award


Option 1 – Assessment of Suitability by ITB

Mature Assessment 2018

Please Note: Assessment of suitability will take place on campus on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March 2018. Applicants who apply via the CAO before February 1st will receive an email invitation in mid March.

This option applies to Mature applicants who do not wish to compete on the basis of a Leaving Certificate examination, QQI level 5 or 6 award or equivalent.

Such applicants will be assessed based on their performance in a written assessment which they will be invited to attend on the Institute campus. 

Mature applicants who applied before 1st February 2018 will be notified by ITB of a date and time to attend for assessment of suitability in mid March 2018.

Mature applicants who apply between 1st February 2018 and 1st May 2018 (closing date for late applications) will be notified by ITB of a date and time to attend for assessment of suitability during May 2018.

  • The assessment will be in the form of a written paper, which will include a series of English comprehension questions. It will last approximately 1 hour.
  • Applicants are required to bring photo identification for entrance to the test (e.g. passport or drivers licence) and will not be admitted without it.
  • Only people taking the assessment will be admitted to the assessment room.
  • Limited parking is available on campus.  Please note clamping is in operation and cars which are illegally parked will be clamped and fined.

Specific Supports required for suitability assessment

If you have a disability which requires specific supports (e.g. visual impairment) in order to sit this assessment, you must advise Martina Vahey or Mary Collier immediately on 01 8851320 / 01 8851036


Option 2 – Presentation of your Leaving Certificate examination results, full QQI-FET (formerly FETAC) Level 5 or 6 award or equivalent.

Mature applicants who have completed the Leaving Certificate examination or a full QQI-FET (formerly FETAC) level 5 or 6 award at any time prior to 2018 , may wish to compete for a place solely on the basis of these results.  A full QQI-FET award generally consists of 8 modules.  A record of achievement or component certificate will not meet the entry requirements.

You must ensure that you have submitted a copy of your Leaving Certificate results or your QQI-FET Award(s) to CAO with your application. Please do not submit them to ITB, they must be sent directly to the CAO.

Offers of places are made to successful mature students by CAO in the normal way.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of your application please get in touch with our Marketing Team on (01) 8851530 or email :


Other information


Instruction for all courses at ITB is conducted through English . For all applicants whose first language is not English, you should submit documentary evidence of meeting this requirement along with your CAO application.


Information on fees and grants is available here:


The following education options are available to you as a mature student at ITB.

Return as a Full-Time Student

Choosing any course of study, part-time or full-time, represents a commitment to your future. The primary advantage of full-time study is that qualifications can be obtained over a shorter time period than is possible when studying part-time. For those currently employed full-time, there are the obvious financial implications inherent in changing your situation. Returning to full-time study means a big life change. However, many full-time students find that they can concentrate on studies with a lot less distraction; that it is easier to integrate into college life, and that they get a more rounded educational experience.

Attend Courses Part-Time

Part-time courses allow you to combine full-time employment with education. You can maintain an income and work towards your educational objective at a pace that suits your particular circumstances. At ITB we have designed our part-time programmes in a way which accommodates the competing commitments of employment and education. Applicants should check the minimum entry requirement listings for each programme in the course information section.

For further details on ITB and the choices for mature students please contact our Marketing and Development Unit at    01 885 1530 or email us at