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ITB Fun With Literacy Day at Ladyswell Primary School

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28/04/2016 16:00:41


Students from ITB's Early Childhood Care and Education Programme Year 3 took part in an educational workshop with one of our local primary schools.



As part of their Year 3 module Creative Group Facilitation the students were required to work in pairs on a project that involved designing and making a 'Fun' interactive game that would promote literacy with the children from the Junior Infants classes of Ladyswell Primary School, Dublin 15. The students interact with each group of children on individual activities, 10-15 minutes in duration and the children then move on to the next activity. The workshop resembled a sort of a fun Young Scientist event with all the activities based around developing the children's early literacy skills.



The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People (2011-2020) highlights, that numeracy encompasses the ability to use mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems and meet the demands of day-to-day living in complex social settings. To have this ability, a young person needs to be able to think and communicate quantitatively, to make sense of data, to have a spatial awareness, to understand patterns and sequences, and to recognise situations where mathematical reasoning can be applied to solve problems.



The Fun with Literacy Day is a great opportunity for the students on the Early Childhood Care and Education degree programme to work with local schools in a fun and creative way.

Fun With Numbers


What our students say...

Monika Karaliunaite

"Basically the course covers everything to do with digital and online media. I had it as a hobby in sixth year but when I came here I learned so much more."

Monika Karaliunaite,
Creative Digital Media Student

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