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Exams Information




:Click Here For Exam Results


An email was sent to your ITB Student email account with a reminder of your PIN. If you have any difficulties accessing results, please ring the number below:

Student Information Desk on (01) 8851592


Accessing your results:

The"Student Guide to Viewing Exam Results"gives a step-by-step guide to viewing your examination results.

Exam Results consultation with lecturers :

Contact details for individual staff can be accessed here.


Viewing Scripts/Review Recheck of Modules

Viewing Scripts and Review/Recheck of examination results is only available after an official examination board meeting where results have been ratified. For most courses the examination board will take place in June 2015.

Students wishing to apply for a review/recheck of examination results are advised to read the procedure to be followed: Procedure to Apply for Review/Recheck



Secure Electronic Transcripts of Examination Results

With effect from Autumn 2013, transcripts of ratified results are available as a secure electronic document. Hard copies of results will no longer be posted to students after each exam board. As soon as these electronic documents are processed students have the option of printing the transcript if necessary. You will need your student ID number (Bxxxxxxxx) and PIN to log in to the electronic document system.

If you did examinations since the Autumn 2013 exam session, you can access your secure electronic transcript by clicking here January 2015 examination results are provisional until after the examination board meetings in June 2015. Electronic Transcripts will be available for this academic year in July/August 2015.



Requesting a Duplicate Parchment, Transcript of Results or Single Subject Certificate

(Do not use this link if you are requesting transcripts for 2013/14 - See Electronic Transcripts above)

If your results were ratified before August 2013 and you have lost or misplaced the original paper transcript or parchment or single subject certificate, you may request and pay for a duplicate copy using our online system. ***Only use this facility where your results were ratified before the introduction of Electronic Transcripts/Grademailers (before Aug 2013)
To access the system click here



Application to retain Honours (or Merit/Distinction) award classification on exceptional grounds

This form is to be used by a learner when applying to an examination board for consideration to retain Honours (or Merit/Distinction) award classification on an exceptional basis.

For Application Criteria see section 12 of Academic programme assessment policy and procedure 3AS06

For Application form click 4FAS24


European Diploma Supplement

For details on European Diploma Supplement please click here


Embedded “Exit” award application

Students wishing to terminate their studies prior to the completion of an entire programme may, where a lesser award exists and having successfully completed the requisite number of NFQ level of credits apply for an exit award by completing form 4FAS23.

For example a Degree level 7 student having successfully completed years 1 and 2 and accumulated 120 credits may wish to apply for an exit award of a NFQ Level 6 Higher Certificate (if available).

This form is not to be used for students who wish to temporarily withdraw from a programme and return at a later date. Students who are awarded an exit award may not immediately register (within the next academic year) on any follow-on course to the course for which the exit award has been obtained.



For Exam related queries contact :

Examinations Office:


Sinead Dunne:  (01) 885 1042

Ann Brady:   (01) 885 1573

Loretta Martin:  (01) 885 1327

Susan King: (01) 885 1301

Apprentice Exam Timetable Term 2 March 2015