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Exams Information

August 2015 Exam Timetable

The login is your Student Id and no password


For students who apply to sit August examinations, the desk allocations for exams will be published each day inside the front entrance of Block A


Autumn Examinations 2015

If you have F (Fail) OR NP (Not Present) OR I (Deferred) grades OR a GPA of less than 2.00 you must apply and pay by Friday 24th July 2015 to sit these in August 2015.  It is necessary to apply and pay for a module even where the Autumn assessment is by Project or Continuous Assessment only.  You may be required to sit the written examination paper and/or some element of Continuous Assessment, as identified by the co-ordinator of the course.  Details are available from the School Administrator.

D Grades are Compensatable Fails. It may be necessary to sit some of your Ds as well as F, NP and I grades in order to pass. If you have no F, NP or I grades in any module but have a GPA less than 2.00 you must repeat some or all of those modules in which you have a D grade in order to pass the stage (i.e. year of course).


How to apply for Autumn Examinations

Apply and pay online by logging back into your examination results and click on the re-apply link below your list of examination grades, unless you fall into category A or B below:


A)Students who have only I (deferral) grades to sit - Apply on paper application form and submit to the exams office, A60. Then log into your student account to pay the fee.  Autumn Exams 2015 Paper Application

B) Students who have only D grades to sit and no F or NP grades - Apply on paper application form and submit to the exams office, A60.  Then log into your student account to pay the fee.  Autumn Exams 2015 Paper Application


The fee payable for repeat and deferred modules is €100 regardless of the number of modules.  This fee is non-refundable, and must be paid on application. Where your application is on paper only, payment can be made by logging into your student account.  Your application is incomplete, and exam results cannot be entered until payment is made. 

If you apply for Autumn examinations but do not take the examinations, the fee and late fee will be charged unless you advise the examinations office in advance that you wish to cancel your Autumn examinations application.   If you apply and pay to sit Autumn Examinations, but do not attend, this will count as a sitting, unless you advise the examinations office in advance that you wish to cancel your Autumn examinations application.

The closing date for online application and payment for Autumn Examinations is Friday 24th July 2015.  After this date an additional late fee of €100 will be charged, a total of €200.  

  • Semester 1 examinations will be held in the week beginning 17th August 2015
  • Semester 2 examinations will be held in the week beginning 24th August 2015


Timetables will not be posted to students.  The venue for all written and practical examinations is the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (see your timetable for details of specific rooms). It is your responsibility to ensure that you attend the correct examination(s) at the correct date and time.

Online Applications   

Please take care to select the correct course with the Section that applies to you as explained below.  You must tick only one box for each module you wish to take.  If you tick the wrong box, we will be unable to record your results correctly. When you have selected the correct course, click Register, then click Make Payment to complete your application.

Section Column


= Full Time Student Repeating D, F or NP Grade


= Full Time Student taking a Deferred (I grade)


= Part Time Student Repeating D, F or NP Grade


= Part time Student taking a Deferred (I grade)

Please take time to read the relevant information below before exams commence

  • You must present your valid ITB student card to gain access to all exam venues. If you have lost your student card, please order a new one now by clicking on this link here.
  • Please take note of the Examination Regulations 3AS05 including a ban on the use of mobile phones and electronic devices in examination venues and for the duration of all examinations.
  • Please take particular note of regulations 5. to 8. and 15. as extracted below. Students with any of the items prohibited in note 5. below will not be allowed into the examination venue.
  • Wallets can be brought into the exam venue but should also be placed in your clear plastic bag. Clear plastic bags are required for mobile phones, pens, pencils etc. and will no longer be provided. You must bring your own clear plastic bag or purchase from the ITB shop for a nominal price.
  • LOCKERS are available in A block, E block and F block as per 3SS25 “Use of Student Lockers”. Lockers can be selected for use on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no charge for the use of the locker. You must provide your own lock for your chosen locker. 32mm padlocks are recommended. Locks may be on sale in the Institute shop subject to availability.

Per Examination Regulations 3AS05 (extract)

  • 5. Students must not bring into the examination venue, have in their possession, under their control, or within their reach:
    i. Bags of any description (this includes large purses which are effectively bags and glasses cases).
    ii. Any books or papers
    iii. Electronic devices (including iPods, iPads, laptops, earphones etc.)
  • 6.Students may bring into the examination venue pens, pencils, rulers as required for their exam provided that they are in a clear plastic bag. (Note that plastic bags will not be provided so students should bring their own or purchase from the ITB shop).
  • 7. Mobile phones may be brought into the examination venue provided that they are switched off and placed under the desk in a clear plastic bag for the duration of the exam.
  • 8. It will be considered an offence and a disciplinary matter to use or attempt to use a mobile phone or any other electronic device (including iPods, iPads, laptops, earphones) for the duration of the exam. Students found to be using or suspected of using mobile phones or any electronic device will be considered to be in breach of examination regulations and will be subject to disciplinary procedures. The mobile phone or other electronic device will be confiscated; an Institute official has the right to review any content which appears to be relevant based on section 2A (1)(d) of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. The mobile phone or electronic device will then be released. This could take a number of days.
  • 15. Mathematical tables and calculators, if required, will be supplied. Calculators used in examinations will be non-programmable with a specification similar to a Sharp EL-520R, Sharp EL-520W, EL-520X Students are not permitted to carry personal calculators into the examination venue.



Click Here For Exam Results

Accessing your results:
The"Student Guide to Viewing Exam Results"gives a step-by-step guide to viewing your examination results


Viewing Scripts, Review/Recheck and Appeal of Examination Results

The closing date to view exam scripts has now passed.

The closing date to apply for a recheck/review has now passed.

If you wish to Appeal the outcome of a result review/recheck Apply here.
Please note applications will only be accepted from students who have received written confirmation of the result of a review/recheck.

Secure Electronic Transcripts of Examination Results

With effect from Autumn 2013, transcripts of ratified results are available as a secure electronic document. Hard copies of results will no longer be posted to students after each exam board. As soon as these electronic documents are processed students have the option of printing the transcript if necessary. You will need your student ID number (Bxxxxxxxx) and PIN to log in to the electronic document system.

If you did examinations since the Autumn 2013 exam session, you can access your secure electronic transcript by clicking here Electronic Transcripts of results for this academic year 2014/15 will be available by the end of July.


Requesting a Duplicate Parchment, Transcript of Results or Single Subject Certificate

(Do not use this link if you are requesting transcripts for 2013/14 - See Electronic Transcripts above)

If your results were ratified before August 2013 and you have lost or misplaced the original paper transcript or parchment or single subject certificate, you may request and pay for a duplicate copy using our online system. ***Only use this facility where your results were ratified before the introduction of Electronic Transcripts/Grademailers (before Aug 2013)
To access the system click here


Application to retain Honours (or Merit/Distinction) award classification on exceptional grounds

This form is to be used by a learner when applying to an examination board for consideration to retain Honours (or Merit/Distinction) award classification on an exceptional basis.

For Application Criteria see section 12 of Academic programme assessment policy and procedure 3AS06

For Application form click 4FAS24 The closing date to make an application is Friday 11th September 2015.


European Diploma Supplement

For details on European Diploma Supplement please click here


Embedded “Exit” award application

Students wishing to terminate their studies prior to the completion of an entire programme may, where a lesser award exists and having successfully completed the requisite number of NFQ level of credits apply for an exit award by completing form 4FAS23. The closing date to apply for an Exit Award is Friday 11th September.

For example a Degree level 7 student having successfully completed years 1 and 2 and accumulated 120 credits may wish to apply for an exit award of a NFQ Level 6 Higher Certificate (if available).

This form is not to be used for students who wish to temporarily withdraw from a programme and return at a later date. Students who are awarded an exit award may not immediately register (within the next academic year) on any follow-on course to the course for which the exit award has been obtained.


For Exam related queries contact the Examinations Office:

Sinead Dunne:  (01) 885 1042

Ann Brady:   (01) 885 1573

Loretta Martin:  (01) 885 1327

Susan King: (01) 885 1301

Student Information Desk:  (01) 8851592


Apprentice Exam Results Term 3 June 2015

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Plumbing Phase 4 Repeat Exams

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