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Students' Union

The Students' Union




Welcome to all from the Students’ Union and here’s hoping you enjoy your time here!


The Students’ Union is a representative body democratically elected by the student body each year, to provide representation and support for all students at both academic and non-academic level.  All students are automatically members of the union as we’re here for your benefit and to act on your behalf. Feel free to approach us at any time, about any issue. And, of course, the strength of any Students’ Union is dependent upon its membership, so please get involved as much as you can.

Any questions? Contact the Union's officers below, or drop into the S.U. Office, C114, at the top of the stairs in Block C.


The Student Union President

Conor Dempsey

Mobile: 0851685435    Office: 018851357


The President of the Union represents the view of the Union and the students of the college as well as overseeing Union operations and helping to plan activities for the year. It’s a full-time position and Conor is also an automatic member of the Academic Council, SU Finance Committee and Governing Body among others. As Education Officer he also provides information for students and assists with problems, complaints or grievances they have relating to their studies.



Vice President/Welfare Officer

Haley Keogh

Mobile: 0858271824      Office: 018851101


The Welfare Officer covers a wide range of issues that affect the welfare of students, such as financial assistance, health, disability, childcare, accommodation, employment, safety and safe sex. This involves regular attendance at meetings of various student services committees such as Health and Wellbeing Committee and Diversity Committee, whilst regularly liaising with service providers. Hayley is in charge of making sure each class has an elected male and female class representative and that monthly meetings are organised so that students have the opportunity to air any issues they have. Hayley is responsible for representing student welfare concerns both locally to ITB and nationally to USI.



Entertainments Officer

Ryan Nolan

SU Office: 018851101


The Entertainments Officer is responsible for organising and co-ordinating the social events for the student body.

The social side is hugely important for student life, and Ryan is responsible for organising such events as Freshers’ week, Rag week and many other regular socials throughout the year.



Clubs & Societies Officer

Kris Sulkowski

SU Office: 018851101


The Clubs and Societies Officer is responsible for overseeing all the clubs and societies in ITB, getting students actively involved and offering help to students who want to set up new clubs or societies. Joining a club or society is the best way to make new friends at college, across class boundaries, and gives you the opportunity to represent the college at intervarsity level with many of the sporting clubs. A clubs and societies day will be held in September.




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